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Uphill Junior School has impacted the lives of many people including the pupils who attend.

More than one thousand five hundred pupils have been educated at Uphill Junior School since we started.

On behalf of Iruhuurra village let me take the opportunity to thank the Uphill founders and donors for this school which has helped to educate the needy children in our community, especially orphans and children from families which are poor. We thank Mr Muhimbise Elius for his leadership and The Uphill Trust for the structure of the school: Classroom buildings, offices, latrines, water tanks, and for desks and scholastic materials for the children.”

Extract from school inspection report: There is a very clean school environment at Uphill Junior School; teacher and learner attendance is good; the school provides a very conducive learning environment in class which promotes incidental learning."

Life at Uphill Junior School was enjoyable and peaceful. The teachers were so co-operative and caring and enabled me to score a high aggregate in the PLE. The Uphill Director encouraged me to always do my best.”

Uphill Junior School Pupil

Uphill Junior School has a good reputation and it encourages teachers to use their special skills. I enjoy working in a good looking school with nice buildings, and with good levels of welfare for both children and staff.”

Uphill Junior School Teacher

Uphill has a positive outlook and the staff team is full of ideas. I wanted to join local school with a good learning environment and I like the fact that working at Uphill allows me to serve my local community.”

Uphill Junior School Teacher

“I have taught in other schools in different areas and am impressed by the good human resource management which I have not seen elsewhere. The school respects teacher rights and is concerned for their welfare. There are good relations between Uphill teachers and parents and I like the fact that the pupils have a great enthusiasm to learn.”

Teacher Joan is my music teacher. She teaches me good gospel songs and meaningful, educative non-gospel songs. She also encourages me to behave well among old and young people and advises me down to unite with my fellows and be a disciplined child. She does everything to make my future bright.”

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