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Uphill Junior School Academic Curriculum

We follow the Ugandan National Curriculum Development Centre (NCDC)

curriculum guidance throughout the school.

Learning and development is assessed regularly, with end of term examinations at primary level.

Primary 7 pupils sit the Primary Leaving Examinations in November each year. 

uphill kindergarten graduation
uphill kindergarten pupils happy in class

Pre-Primary Curriculum

Teaching in Baby, Middle and Top class is based on the NCDC Caregiver’s Guide to the Learning Framework for 3-6 Years. The curriculum encourages children to develop their curiosity, enjoy learning new things and helps to develop their social interaction skills. Learning outcomes are monitored by continuous assessment against range of observable and measurable skills. The school day includes regular opportunities for social and physical play, and classroom learning includes singing, rhyming and interactive activities. English language learning is introduced from Baby class.

uphill junior school pupils at playtime

Primary Curriculum

The NCDC Primary Curriculum enables learners to acquire self-confidence and meet the demands of life, both now and in the future. It focuses on literacy, numeracy, language development, values, attitudes, and cross-curricular topics. Learning is monitored by a mix of continuous assessment and end of term examinations. The teachers use friendly, child-centred teaching methods and encourage learners to actively engage with their learning journey.

  • Primary 1-3: Thematic learning taught in a mix of local language and English
  • Primary 4: Transition to subject-based learning, fully taught in English by Term 3. Kiswahii
    language teaching is  introduced.
  • Primary 5-7: Development of subject knowledge and skills, taught and assessed in English

Primary Leaving Examination

Primary 7 children are well prepared for the Primary Leaving Examination at the end of their final academic year and perform well, with 100% pass rate at division one or two.

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