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Welcome to Uphill Junior School.

We are a privately owned Primary School with Kindergarten, founded in 2011.

Uphill Junior School is one of the most prestigious schools in rural western Uganda, located in Iruhuura village, Isunga Parish, Kasenda sub-county, Kabarole district. Located 6 km off the Fort-Portal-Kamwenge road and 28 km from Fort-Portal city, we are on the edge of the Kibale National Park in the Kasenda crater lake hills.

Our Mission

To provide an accessible, equitable and innovative education for all children of Uganda, irrespective of their financial background.

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Why Uphill Junior School?

Choosing to send your child to Uphill Junior School is something you will never regret.

We have:

  • School feeding programme for all children.

  • A school clinic and full-time School Nurse.

  • Good quality latrines for boys and girls.

  • Security fencing and gates, to protect the children while at school.

  • A range of sports activities eg soccer, volleyball, table tennis, netball and athletics.

  • Availability of water all year round, due to extensive rainwater harvesting systems and large water storage tanks.

  • Purpose built hand washing station.

  • School library equipped with fiction and non-fiction books for staff and pupils.

  • A conducive and secure learning environment, with well ventilated, attractive permanent classrooms.

  • Electricity in the classrooms, library and administration block.

  • Enough space for the children to play.

  • Well trained and professional staff.

  • Quiet rural location for better learning and teaching.

Our Core Values

Academic Excellence






Our Vision

To transform society through the provision of quality education. 

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Mission Statement

To produce capable and hardworking children with the skills to become productive Ugandans.

welcome to uphill junior school

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